The brand riecologizzo® was born from the passion of Claudia Grespi for colors, nature, decorative motifs , artistic sensitivity. 

This project brings together historical and technical knowledge acquired through studies and experience in the building site as a decorator and restorer of decorated surfaces of architecture, which allowed her to observe the works of art from a privileged point of view. This is the starting point for the realization of artifacts that take inspiration from the natural world and the monumental heritage, with the aim of enhancing it in a new way and to give new light to decorative motifs (taken from ancient works) that would otherwise be forgotten.

As examples are the products of the Collection Tower, created to enhance Italian monuments and to be sold in the official bookshops of museums and monumental sites, such as the Leaning Tower_Pisa line sold in Piazza dei Miracoli.

The word riecologizzo® is derived from a combination of syllables: ri– which mean “again”, –ecol– which bring to “ecologia” and at the same time, binding with prefix ri– bring to the term “rieccolo” there it is again and, finally –gizzo da “schiribizzo”, weird and original idea.

Awareness of the environmental impact linked to the production process (though artisanal) requires continuous research of fabrics made with waste materials from industrial chains, like the cotton fabric made from yarn obtained from the waste of cotton spinning used to make the cases of the Collection Tower, or as recycled cotton, linen or hemp fabrics (for example bed linen in ghinèa or hand woven with looms) employed in the Natural Collection and the Painted Collection.

Among the privileged assets of riecologizzo® there is the natural dyeing of the fabrics that consists in the extraction of the dye from the dyeing plants that enchants for the always different rendering of the shades of color.

Fabrics are sewn and painted by hand, or printed with silk-screen printing with water-based colors with original or custom graphics.

All the products are handcrafted in small print; those of the Natural Collection are unique pieces.

Among Claudia’s goals is to provide her own know-how to make products on request also with the customer’s fabrics.

All processing is carried out in the atelier of riecologizzo® based in Bologna, this guarantees a quality product, completely artisan and environmentally friendly and without exploitation of labor.